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20th February 2020 

Psychotherapeutic Counselling

An integrative approach involving elements of psychodynamic, person centred and behavioural approaches. Within sessions there's the potential to explore past, present and future issues.

  • safely re-connect with your past;
  • look at how your past may be influencing your present;
  • create positive views for your future.

    About Counselling. Laotzu

  • About Counselling

    Most counsellors have received counselling, either for personal reasons or as part of their training. I am no different. I have worked with various counsellors during my life remember the initial awkwardness, the difficulties in trying to tell my story, and the challenge of building trust. Over time this changed. Counselling became something I would look forward to; a place where I could off-load, re-charge, explore, get upset and feel supported throughout. Therapy enabled me to continue life as normal.

    In my past, counselling offered me a non-judgemental space where I experienced care, kindness, compassion and safety. This is what I now want to offer.

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    Why come for counselling?

    Counselling is about communication. Come to share your deepest thoughts, fears, worries, concerns and difficulties. Share your joys too. I will listen openly and share my reflections.

    I will listen to all you need to say, whatever you need to say. As your counsellor I will offer support.

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    Come to discuss trauma; relationship difficulty; breakdowns; bereavement and loss; abuse; low self esteem and confidence; work challenges; sexuality and health concerns. Whatever your concerns - if you're not satisfied with your current lifestyle and are struggling to realise your life goals - contact me.

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